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Climb Aboard!

Status: Shuttle Is Bookable 7 Days A Week - It's GO TIME

About The Shuttle

Topo Joes Shuttle locally owned and operated with YEARS of experience on the Pinal Mountain range.  We are here to provide a fun, reliable transportation option for adventure seekers into the remote forest south of Globe to access some of the most amazing mountain biking and hiking in the state!  Climb aboard and get your trip started out right.  We are fully insured, licensed and permitted by the US Forest Service to provide this service.  We appreciate the dedication and hard work of those who help keep our mountain routes open!  A portion of your seat cost also goes to Tonto Gravity Riders, a 501(c)3 with a mission to maintain and create new trails on Pinal Mountain!

Topo Know Before You Go!

The Pinal Mountain Range is a beautiful and remote section of the Tonto National Forest.  Highest points reach near 8,000 feet in the pines and descend quickly to the high desert of 4,000 feet.  The mountain is home to many animals that deserve attention and respect.  Black Bear, Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Bobcats and Rattlesnakes are just a few species that call the mountain home.  Vegetation can be soft and kind or sharp and pointed.  It is common to find cactus along trail edges...they don't like tires!  Mountain weather is typically 20 - 40 degrees cooler than in town with greater chances for precipitation and higher winds.  Although hours of dedicated volunteer trail maintenance occur, downed trees and brush can exist, and caution should be taken when navigating around and over trail obstacles.  Appropriate clothing and gear should be worn / taken for existing and potential weather conditions.  Never ride alone and always let a friend or family member know where you plan to go.  Cell service does exist on the mountain, although spotty in deep drainages and at parts of the day.  Be familiar with the trail sections you plan to enjoy.  Know distances, elevation gain / drop along with most current trail conditions and the weather.  Utilize popular trail apps such as Trailforks for additional information.

Most popular trails include:

-Six Shooter Canyon Trail (TR-197) / Access to Upper Telephone Trail & Lower Telephone Trail (TR-192)

-Ice House Canyon Trail (TR-198) / Access to Lower Telephone Trail (TR-192)

-Kellner Canyon Trail (TR-242)

Nice To Know Info

Water is NOT available on the mountain.  There are NO trash services on the mountain.  Dispose of waste properly.  Pack it in, Pack it out.  Be aware of current FIRE dangers.  All trails on the mountain are currently multi use and bidirectional.  Horses and hikers have the right away over bicycles.  Use extreme caution and respect when approaching horses.  Stay on designated routes.  Oh, and enjoy your forest!

Fees & Schedules  for 7am, 10am, 1pm

Shuttle to any of the following popular trailheads is a 1 hour trip from TopoJoes and should be reserved not less than 12 hours from desired shuttle time.

-Six Shooter Canyon Trail (TR-197) / Access to Upper Telephone Trail & Lower Telephone Trail (TR-192)

-Ice House Canyon Trail (TR-198) / Access to Lower Telephone Trail (TR-192)

-Kellner Canyon Trail (TR-242)

Shuttle seats are $30 per person / per run OR $20 with bike rental.

2 runs per day - Get $5 off anything in the shop.

3 runs per day - Get $15 off anything in the shop.

There is a $90 minimum (1, 2 or 3 people) to schedule a shuttle.  Call your buddies!

Multi runs can be booked in advance online.  As more book, you will be refunded to the normal rate.

If you want to hike, contact us on how we can make this work.

A fun, 6-mile mostly downhill ride on FR-157 (two track) is available.  This shuttle drops at the junction of FR-157 and FR-651 allowing you to travel north to downtown Globe across the foothills.

$10 per person with your bike.

Popular days to schedule the shuttle are Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7:00am and 10:00am.  Other days and times by appointment, subject to availability and minimum occupancy.  Shuttle seats are first come, first serve.  If your party is larger than 14 people, we may need to split your party between vehicles or place you on the next available shuttle.  Be prepared and arrive 20 minutes before scheduled departure to load gear, use the restroom or a cup of coffee.  If you plan to drop your vehicle at or near CCC Camp on FR-112 just let us know.  The shuttle will deliver you to a designated trailhead.  We do NOT pickup.  Once you disembark from the shuttle you are ON YOUR OWN.  Expect the additional journey from the mountain trail back to Topo Joes or your vehicle.  Riders must be 18 years and older.  14-17 year old must be accompanied by a legal guardian.  

Shuttle fees do not include tax or gratuity.

Uh-oh Happens

We have a 48 hour cancellation policy for all reserved parties.  More than 48 hour will be refunded, less than 48 hour will incur a 50% refund, less than 24 hours will not be refunded.  This policy applies to every situation.  Please call if you can't make the shuttle or a person in your group can't join, even if it is last minute.  This gives a chance to try to fill the open seat(s).  We still operate on windy or light rain days.  Always be aware of current and future weather possibilities.

We reserve the right to cancel a shuttle due to heavy rain, snow, unsafe road conditions, forest closures, and unforeseen situations.  We will provide a full refund of your shuttle reservation should one of these events actually occur.

Alway enjoy trails with a friend who speaks your language!  In the event of any emergency on the mountain you should dial 911 and be prepared to deliver your location.  In the event of bicycle problems and/or a desire to be picked up, you can contact us and we will do our best to offer support.  NOTE we charge $85 per hour to retrieve you and/or your bike.  Best to navigate to the closest road and make contact.  We are only able to offer this during operating hours and subject to refusal.